How is Link Development Changing in 2018?

How valuable are web links? Links have always been the connective tissue of SEO. When a reader lands on a page or a viewer clicks on a video, embedded content links in multiple forms have been essential to drawing from the web as a whole. Links add credibility. In the beginning, they were purely text-based. Now, they can be in video forms, draw advertisements, landing pages, phone numbers, and phone support pop-ups.

Link Building's Current Relevance

Link development is still essential to the development of the SEO infrastructure. Content still relies on other content to add to its authenticity. Adding simple links to pages, such as Wikipedia and reputable blogs, can be favored by Google. Google also likes to see links within the website itself and to other pages on the website. Google Ranker can help distinguish the values of these link creations.

The Flaw of Bad Link Building

Link building is evolving, regardless of its importance. Links have a fundamental flaw that is inherently connected to what it does. A link sends a visitor to another page. If it is not another page on the same website, it is a separate entity of some kind. It is also an entity that can’t be controlled. The original source can’t necessarily guarantee that website will stay active, the content won’t change, or that it will even be at a reputable high rank.

The content can change on a whim. If it is for the worse, and it often is, the changed content can actually damage the original source. The original intention was to link to a reputable page to build authenticity and SEO. The result is now a hit on SEO due to a dead link, a bad source, or a page that is no longer relevant because the content changed using the same link.

The most problematic of these is the dead link, and it is becoming more common. As website developers adjust their strategy, they are tossing aside old links that hurt their image. Developers are doing more with less by cutting off the bottom performers. Overall, it creates a savvy effort to work with long-term providers and partners. Google Ranker can help pinpoint the problem, but long-term relationships can help build a powerful SEO infrastructure.


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